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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

This is the "About Me" section, so I should probably share a little about who I am. More importantly though, let me share some of what I think. 

Who I Am

A real quick bio: my name is Bob. I quit my corporate job in 2016 to start my own real estate business. Things were great for a few years, but business and personal growth has grown stale, and I've been searching for what's next. Starting in early 2020, I started journaling intensively to understand my thoughts, which has now turned into writing a book. I embarked on a prolonged sabbatical starting in September 2020. And I can't wait to see where life takes me!!

I love to read anything that challenges my view or adds to who I am. I've developed the habit of meditating, and I love it. My favorite thing in the world is water skiing (nothing beats a 5:30am rip on glassy water). I travel as much as I can, both in the US and abroad (my recent trip was 31 days and 5,000 miles on my motorcycle). I love to think. I love to have philosophical and deep conversation. 

I'm fucking high on life. I'm a happy person. I say "fuck" a lot. I say "yes" to most anything. I'm hell bent on changing the world, leaving it a better place than I found it. 

What Motivates Me

I'm scared shitless about having regret in life. I'm scared shitless that I'll one day be on my deathbed, I'll look back on life, and regret not having lived a full life. Like there was gas still left in my tank. 

That's the motivation I have in my life. That's why I'm here. That's why I'm committed to making the world a different place: both in my life and in the lives of people around me. 

What I Think

I think that people are largely unhappy with life. 

I think that few people ever pursue their life's calling. 

I think that people have a lot of regret in their lives, especially as they get older. 

I think people care too much about others' opinions. 

I believe there are two paths in life. There is a path that leads towards "the safe bet", passing through predictable outcomes and little novelty, arriving at the societal standard of "getting there".


And there is a second path towards "the risky bet", which passes through novelty, uncertainty and the unknown, eventually leading through growth, towards meaning and fulfillment.  

Somehow, society has convinced us that upon completion of the first path, we'll find happiness, growth, meaning and fulfillment. However, these treasures do not exist at the end of the first path: they're only found while traveling the second. 

I firmly believe that doing what's "reasonable and sensible" will lead people to become mere shadows of their true potential. I believe that the logic of "sensibility" is actually quite illogical. I believe that the "safe bet" is usually idiotic. 

Armed with this belief, I'm setting out to change the world. I'm setting out to prove that the "stupid choice" might not be so stupid. That if something scares you shitless, it might be the best thing for your health. 

I'm setting out to change the world's view. I'm setting out to help others live happier and more fulfilled lives.


Growth is found in newness, not in sameness. Growth is found in Risk, not predicability. Through growth, we might find meaning and fulfillment. We might become the truest versions of ourselves that we have the ability of becoming. 

I'm setting out to help create a more wholesome and fulfilled world, impacting one human at a time. 

If you always do what you've always done,

you'll always get what you've always gotten. 

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