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High Level

  • I’m a thinker

    • My mind loves to travel deep into the weeds, into subjects like purpose, fulfillment and the meaning of life

    • My goal is to one day be paid for my thoughts

    • I’m fixated on the idea of Risk

  • I’m unconventional and non-conforming 

    • I don’t follow rules

    • I don’t follow the script

  • I don’t have a “real job”

    • I haven’t had one in a long time

    • Nor do I see one in my future

  • I’m fucking happy

    • I’m way happier than most humans I know



This is my addiction. Better than cocaine or any drug out there…

I’m addicted.

  • Footing is riding the edge, at the exact place where success meets failure. Nowhere in my life have the two been so closely contained in a single moment. One toe out of place means failure, but if all goes right, an exhilarating and empowering experience.

  • There is nothing like skimming across the water on my bare feet.

  • Especially as on a glassy day, as the sun is starting to peek over the horizon.

  • I’m good by some standards, but a novice by many others. The sky is the limit to where I might go and what I might learn.



Of all the ways life has molded me, travel has single handedly been the most impactful. Travel has taught me about who I am and how the world works. It’s challenged what I believe. It’s given me tools and skills. A month on the road feels like living a year at home. I wouldn’t trade my travels for anything. 

I’ve seen more of the US and the world than most people. 

I love talking travel…whether trading stories or sharing advice.

Among others, here are some of my bigger trips:


Southeast Asia: I spent seven weeks backpacking…this is where the spark turned into a flame. Travel became a fixture in my life…nay, a part of who I am. Seven weeks is a long time, and Asian culture was jarring, humbling and awesome. I visited Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Dubai.


Mexico: I spent a few weeks checking out Tequila, Mexico City and Oaxaca.

USA: a casual 31 days and 5,000 miles on the motorcycle zipping around the West.


Egypt: checked out the history of the Egyptians in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. Of course, some diving in Hurghada and both diving and hiking in the Sinai Peninsula. 

Italy: visiting Milano, Florence, Venice and the Dolomites. Naturally, I rented a moto to travel around Tuscany.


Chile & Argentina: this was my first time really traveling (more than Canada or resorts in Mexico). A friend and I backpacked in Patagonia and visited Buenos Aires.


Colombia: I checked out Bogotá, Medellín, Cartagena and the island life of Providencia. Columbia gets a bad wrap. Don’t listen to what people tell you about it. 

The Netherlands: I visited Amsterdam and took a motorcycle trip around the entire country.


Brazil: a friend and I spent a month in Rio, São Paulo, Salvador and living the beach life in Jericoacoara. 

Mexico: just a quick trip to go swim with whale sharks. 

USA: I rode the motorcycle all the way down to Mexico, then through West Texas and New Mexico.


Switzerland: the boys and I went skiing in the Alps.


Portugal: I lived in Porto for a month, traveled up into Basque Spain and France, then went south and lived in the Algarve for a few weeks. 


Amsterdam: the family and I went and saw the tulips. Let me tell you, they’re fricken pretty! 


Turkey: stay tuned.


Next to travel, reading has been the most impactful part of my life. I learned to love reading as a child. I read voraciously. Then, when I got to high school and for the many years following, I fell away from reading. (I blame the “system” for squashing the desire. Being forced to read “literature” and study textbooks left a bad taste in my mouth.) Thank goodness I found my way back to books.

Which are my favorites? That’s a hard question to answer. 

Many books have something to offer. Many are most helpful when I’m feeling a certain way or thinking a certain thought. The “best book” changes on the regular.  

Maybe the better question: which books do I most often re-read? They'd be:

  • Journey of Souls

  • Awareness

  • Wherever You Go, There You Are

  • The Top Five Regrets of the Dying

  • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance 

  • Lila (If I was allowed one book to read for the rest of my life, this is the one.)

  • ​Antifragile

  • The Kybalion

  • The Traveler's Gift

  • Finite and Infinite Games

  • New Man Emerging

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