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I believe that a more wholesome, happy and meaning-filled life is within reach for all humans. I'm writing to educate, empower and enable humans to work towards this end.

At the highest level

  • I believe there exists a higher meaning, order and structure to to the world than what first meets the eye

    • I do not claim to know what this is

    • However, I feel drawn to Pursue it

    • I feel drawn to move closer, like a moth to light

  • I believe we each have a similar calling

    • This is the root to Spirituality​

  • This feeling feels True. More True than all other truths. Truth with a "capital T"

  • I believe Pursuing this feeling is the purpose of life

  • The longer we Pursue this calling, the closer we get

  • The closer we get, the more our lives align with Truth

  • Higher congruence is the recipe for a meaningful life​

  • In order to Pursue this feeling, we must first know where we begin

    • We must first know who and where we are

  • In short, we must know who we are: our Self

  • Knowing one's Self precedes Spirituality

  • Knowledge of Self is not innate

  • In order to know Self, we must find or create Self

  • In order to find or create Self, we must live Risk & Uncertainty

For this reason, I'm FASCINATED by Risk

  • I feel that Risk offers a direct link between where we now stand and the meaningful life we crave

  • Risk is the conduit

  • Risk is the causal link

  • Rick is the key to the equation

  • If we hope to have what we desire, all we need is Risk

  • So...I'm writing about the idea

Book on Table

Book 1

  • We know ourselves much less than we admit

  • Self, the being that we are, is “out there”...waiting to be found

  • We must step out from behind our walls of safety, out into the unknown, on a quest to find what we seek

  • We must traverse through Risk and Uncertainty if we ever hope to discover who we are

  • We must learn to Trust ourselves, our futures and our abilities

  • The book revolves around the topic of Trust

Risk & Uncertainty → Self → Spirituality & Truth → a deep and meaningful life

  • I've been writing for some time

  • Ideas keep breeding new ideas

  • Too many ideas for any single book to contain

  • Thus far, here is how I'm organizing my argument

Book 2

  • Yes, Self can be found “out there”. Yet, Self can also be created.

  • We needn’t go “searching” when instead we can find a way to “manufacture”.

  • Uncertainty and Risk are tools by which we might come to know Self. 

  • They aren't so much a necessary evil as they are a means to enable our goals.

  • As if Self-manufacturing could be turned into a process, this book dives into how this might look. 

    • We dive into subjects of Presence, Acceptance, Interpretation and Risk. 

Colorful Books
Colorful Book Spines

Books 3 & 4

  • We've developed the tools for expanding Self. Now, what to do with our newfound tools? 

  • Book 3 delves into the theory of Self, as if it were something to calculate or compute. 

    • How much can we make?​

    • Is there a right or wrong way to make it?

    • Can we be more efficient? 

  • From there, Book 4 transitions from theory into application. 

    • What are the implications of more Self?​

    • What does it feel like?

    • Where does it take our life

  • All of these ideas culminating into this: stepping out of Society

    • As Self grows in size, so too shrinks our dependency on Society​

    • Until one day, we're no longer in the rat race

    • We're living a life TRUE to who we are

Books 5 & 6

  • An exploration into Truth and Spirituality

  • An exploration into human desire to have and hold these deeper depths

  • A discussion of Religion

  • And a discussion of how and why Religion has failed

  • A look at Religion, free of structure, and how we might deconstruct the institution so Spirituality might be returned to the people

  • Ultimately, a look at the deepest depths of Spirituality​​ and how that connects to our life's purpose​​

  • Leading us back to where we began​

    • What is a deep and meaningful life?​

    • How might we have and hold the life that we crave? 

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