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  • I believe the world is too beautiful to be an accident

  • I believe that somewhere, underneath it all, there must exist a structure, purpose or meaning to everything

  • I believe that humans can touch upon this depth and truth

  • However, I also believe that humans cannot comprehend this depth

    • These are matters of the heart, not head

    • These are matters of feeling, not comprehension

    • Like these answers are fit for deity, not humanity

  • I believe that the attempt to comprehend the incomprehensible is the most dangerous of affairs

    • We can in fact fly too close to the Sun

    • And when we do, an ill-fate awaits us

  • I believe humans should be more content with their lot

    • With their capabilities

    • With their incapabilities


A Brighter Future

  • I believe life always work out

  • I believe people are good

  • I believe humanity is waking up

  • I believe in a better and brighter future

  • I believe that for each of us, a more meaningful life exists

  • I believe that individuals who live out there meaning make their mark on this world

  • I believe that many such marks leaves our collective world a much better place

Humanity's Problem

  • I believe that many people are lonely, craving connection

  • I believe that too often, as people look towards life, they overstate potential risk and understate potential reward

  • I believe this leads people to choosing the “safe bet”

  • I believe the “safe bet” is the most dangerous bet

  • I believe that the “safe bet” leads to average. It leads to good, never great. 

  • I believe the “safe bet” is one of the greatest travesties in human history

  • Human potential is being squandered because we’re conditioned to live in fear


A Solution

  • I believe these problems are not permanent 

  • I believe our individual futures are yet unwritten

  • I believe there is another path to travel (actually, I believe there are MANY paths to travel)

  • I believe that we each deserve a deep and meaningful life

  • I believe that we’re each capable of a deep and meaningful life

  • If depth and meaning is the promised land, I believe I’ve found a way to get there

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