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Heading To Deeper Seas, A Poem That Means a Fuck-ton

I’m tired of sailing my little boat Far inside of the harbor bar; I want to be out where the big ships float — Out on the deep where the Great Ones are! … And should my frail craft prove too slight For storms that sweep those wide seas o’er, Better go down in the stirring fight Than drowse to death by the sheltered shore! — Daisy Rinehart

Where do you sail your boat? Are you in the harbor, where the calm waters keep you safe?

The world will one day come calling, asking for you to step up. And on that day, it is your choice on whether you listen to that voice. It is your choice on whether you sail out to the deep, where the Great Ones are.

Storms may blow, the sea may give you a fight. Your craft may prove too fragile for what you find in the big sea of life.

But the question you must ask yourself:

Is it better to set out to see, with no guarantees of success or failure, or is it better to forever sleep in the harbor of safety?

Don't live your life with regrets. Don't live it from the harbor. When it's time to journey out, set your sails, and head to sea. You may succeed. You may fail. But whatever happens, you'll never regret the journey.


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