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Same Shit, Different Day

Well shit....

Are you virtually the same person at the end of 2020 as you were at the start of the year?

Are you waking up to the same boring job? Dating the same unfulfilling person? Living in the same house? Thinking the same thoughts? Playing the same video games? Holding the same beliefs? Having the same conversations?

It's maybe the most overused cliche of all times, but Einstein is quoted as saying:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

Are you doing the same thing every day and expecting different results? Are you looking for a better/happier/fuller/richer/stronger [insert any facet of life]?

Are you insane?

Here I am, rattling your cage. Wake the fuck up. Stop the madness.

Do you want something more in life? In one area of life? In all areas of life? A better relationship? A better job? A better friend group? Better hobbies? A better support system? A stronger belief system? A deeper perspective on life?

As I see it, you've got three choices. You can either:

  1. Keep doing the same thing, hoping you'll eventually stumble upon something more

  2. Change what you're doing

  3. Stop looking for more and settle for what you have

Let's start here: #3 sucks. If you want anything more/deeper/better/stronger, then you deserve to have it. Respect the beauty of your inner self. Pursue what you want. You are worthy of what you ask for.

So that leaves options #1 and #2 still available. Keep doing the same thing, hoping for more. Or change what you're doing.

Option #1 is pretty depressing. There is nothing inspiring about simply hoping things get better. On top of that #1 is the route of insanity. If my life is stuck in a rut, I'd be insane to keep doing the same thing just hoping for a different outcome.

I'm not insane. Nor am I a dreamer of things that I'm not willing to take action on. I'm ruling out Option #1: it sucks.

If I want something more in life, I've got to stop doing the same shit I've always done. A better/happier/fuller/richer [insert any facet of life] won't be found by doing what I've already done. It'll be found in change.

Change is the only way to get to something more.

Do the same shit, get the same results.

Do different shit, get different results.

I'm tired of always getting what I've always gotten. That cycle will continue until I choose to break it.

So this day, this week, this year, I'm committing to change. I'm committing to newness.

I've got a great life. But I know there is still more out there for me. And I know I am worthy of all that I see in my future. To every degree I want better/happier/richer/stronger/more in my life, I have to embrace the change needed to produce it.

Change isn't the easy route, there is no doubt. But I know these things to be true in my life:

  1. I'm looking for more in life

  2. I'm worth of more in life

  3. I won't find more in doing the same

So here I am: I'm committing to change. I'm committing to newness. I'm committing to taking steps away from life as I know it, and stepping into life as I want it.

Same shit, different day? Nope...not this guy....


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