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The Uncomfortable: Make It a Habit

I've got some good news and bad news for you. You know that sense of butterflies in the stomach? Like something might not go very well?

Good news: that's a good feeling to have!

Bad news: that means you get to lean into that feeling and embrace it!

The butterflies in the stomach sensation is one we all know well. Maybe it's heights, maybe it's public speaking, maybe it's quitting your job, maybe it's talking to a girl at the bar.

Wherever you find it, that feeling is something to latch onto!! That feeling is life pointing out to you that you've got some room to grow in this part of your life.

As long as we're feeling the butterflies about something, we're uncomfortable with whatever that is. As long as we're uncomfortable, then we aren't comfortable. And as long as we aren't comfortable, we haven't mastered an experience. As long as we haven't mastered an experience, we have more room to grow.

Being uncomfortable is where we learn. It's accepting that we are novices and don't know what we're doing. It's accepting that something scares us.

But in all parts of your life, you started out just the same way. Your first steps, your first words, your fist time driving a car. All of these moments were times that you were a novice. Yet, once you stepped into the role, learned it, and [hopefully] mastered it, it was a piece of cake.

(I'm sure you're thankful you did pursue things like learning to walk, right?)

So when you feel that sensation of discomfort next time, look at it, and lean into it. It's your path to growth!!



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