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Try Being More Inconsistent

It's almost expected in life that we're supposed to have an idea, and then keep it. Once we've found an idea, we have to latch on to it and hold it forever. Whether that's politics, religion, or any other belief.

Whatever idea it is, once we have it, we're supposed to stick to it. Almost like somebody made a law that if you change your mind, you aren't being true to yourself.

Do you agree with that? Have you ever had a time where you've been "inconsistent"? Where you once said one thing, and now believe something else? Have you ever flip flopped?

How do you deal with that? Do you do the "right" thing and agree with your past self? Or do you tell the past self to fuck off, and hold true to your new belief?

Maybe we look at ideas and opinions in the wrong way. Maybe they aren't nearly as permanent as we make them out to be. Maybe they're meant to be like the potters clay, constantly being shaped.

Or maybe ideas get stale. Are ideas and beliefs shelf stable? Or do they have an expiration date? What happens if we don't use them?

Ideas are something to play with. But if you hold on to them too long, they die. Never be afraid to change your mind with a new idea, even one that makes you seem inconsistent.

Maybe it's time that you played with some ideas. Maybe it's time to be inconsistent with your past self. Maybe it's time to change your mind.

Use an idea, play with the idea, but don't hold on to it too long. Don't be dogmatic. Be open to learn and be open to change.

Try an idea on for size. If it sucks, throw it out. If you like it, keep it. When it get's stale, find a new one.

Be inconsistent to your past. Be true to your current self.


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