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Human or Habit, Which Are You?

Just a small bit of food for thought to keep your day going. Dr. Joe Dispenza has this to say about you and the other 8 billion people of this world:

95% of who you are by the time you are 35 years old is a set of memorized behaviors and emotional reactions that create an identity subconsciously. 5% of your conscious mind that is plugged into reality is working against 95% of what you’ve memorized subconsciously.

Have you ever thought about how much of your life is programmed? How much of it is a routine. Hell, feel free to disregard the "statistic", I don't care. But does the concept hold weight?

Habits such as:

  • What's the route you take to get home?

  • How you say certain phrases?

  • Who you hang out with?

  • What you read?

  • What you think about?

  • How you workout?

  • When you wake up?

  • When do you eat?

  • What do you eat?

  • How do you brush your teeth?

  • What do you wear?

Should I continue? Where in your life are you a robot, doing the exact same thing?

You know doesn't feel very good being a robot, does it? We all like to see ourselves as steering the ships of our own lives. And to a degree, we do.

But maybe we're in control of our lives to a much lesser degree than we'd thought. Maybe we're just robots.

If the vast majority of our life is simply a memorized behavior or reaction to the world's stimuli, the only way to break free is to think or act differently, to wake up to our sleeping state, and make active choices in our lives.

Maybe it's time to shake things up a little bit. Maybe it's time to add a twist into your life. Try something new, talk to somebody different, take a new way home. Go explore. Go learn. Go fail. Go take a risk.

So one simple challenge for your day:

Be less of a robot. Step out of your habits. Try something new. Take a risk.



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