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The Real Price of Admission

There is no dollar amount. There is no degree. There is no certification. Your friend doesn't know the answer. Nor does the billionaire. Instagram will tell you lies and your Netflix will only numb the pain.

A life full of meaning won't be found in any of the places we're told to look. It can't be taught, bought, or given. It can only be earned.

It must be earned in the trenches of life. It must be earned in action. Inch by inch, you can move forward, but you'll have to be willing to make a sacrifice.

You'll have to sacrifice your comfort. You'll have to sacrifice the easy way. You'll have to sacrifice the "safe bet".

A deep and meaningful life is only found when we push into a world of discomfort. When we embrace the uncertainty. When we feel a little knot in our stomach and decide to lean into that fear rather than run away from it.

Discomfort is the price we pay for living a deep and meaningful life.

Meaning in life can only be found if we're willing to grow. And growth can only be achieved if we're willing to do things we've never done.

If you do the same things over and over again, you can expect the same results. And if you haven't discovered a deep and meaningful life, then you have room yet to grow.

Growth isn't comfortable. It's having a tough talk with your partner. It's sharing your emotions. It's failing. It's failing in public. It's not knowing an outcome. It's quitting your job. It's standing up for what's right. It's having a voice. It's living on the edge. It's eating new foods. It's understanding new cultures. Growth is what challenges us.

Growth comes when we live outside the four walls of our lives and try new things.

So the next time you find yourself feeling a sense of fear about something, ask yourself this:

Are you willing to pay the price of admission to grow and find a deep and meaningful life?

If the answer is yes, lean into your fears, embrace the discomfort, and pay the admission. Your future self will thank you.



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