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What's Your Default?

Where does your default path take you? Where is your autopilot? What ways today have you done the same shit that you were doing yesterday? And the day before and the day before....

We are creatures of habit. Millions of years ago, our ancestors formed habits to make life easier and to free up processing space for the more important things in life. Important things like running from saber tooth tigers. Or figuring out complex math equations.

Fast forward to today, and we're still using them. And habits are still saving us a lot of processing power.

Brushing our teeth doesn't take any CPU. Ordering at McDonalds doesn't take any CPU. Walking to our car doesn't take any CPU.

We've "delegated" low level things in our lives off to the habit side of the brain so we can focus on the important things.

But when does the delegation stop? Has your relationship become a habit? Has your job become a habit? Has your family become a habit?

Habits are a double edged sword. They save us time and energy. But they destroy the uniqueness of living.

A life of only habits isn't a life lived. That's autopilot. That's doing the same shit every day. You don't make any choices. You've given up your free will.

The more we let habit creep into our life, the more we lose sight of the vividness of choice that makes life enjoyable. We lose sight of creativity. Of adventure. Of our calling. Of something more.

Habits can turn our life into a black and white, boring fucking movie, not worth watching. They creep up on our day to day without ever asking permission. And all of a sudden we realize we're 95% habit and 5% novelty.

Sure, let your teeth brushing become a habit. And maybe let your shoe tying be a habit. But draw the line in your life. Don't let your life become one big habit, let it be a choice.

Take a new way home from work. Talk to somebody you've never talked to. Talk about something you've never talked about. Try new foods. Be weird. Don't worry about judgement. Shake up your life for a minute!

Don't lose sight of the adventure in your soul.

To the level we default to habit, we become deaf to the whispers of adventure in our soul



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